Human Givens Institute Graduate Member
Clare Wells, Therapist in Hebden Bridge UK


This is extremely important and under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 you have the right to read any records I may make. Everything else dealt with in the counselling room is confidential with one or two exceptions – incidents of ongoing child abuse and intentions of acts of terrorism.

There are very rare occasions where I would contact a G.P. – hence the request for G.P's details. This would only be for incidents of serious and imminent threat of suicide, and I would always inform you of my intentions to do so. I hope this gives you an open and informed idea of my responsibility of care to you, whilst underlining my commitment to confidentiality.

I am registered with the ICO / Information Commissioner's Office.

Code of Ethics

I abide by The Human Givens Institute's Ethics and Professional Conduct Policy.

My Approach

Therapy always works best when it comes, not from an emotional or theoretical stand point, but from a real understanding of what it is to be a human being. As a qualified Human Givens Counsellor my approach draws on the power from observation, research, experience, the biological and psychological sciences and a rich heritage of natural wisdom gathered down the ages. My training incorporates the effective use of all our bodies natural resources – the use of the imagination, the ability to learn and remember, or forget, the ability to understand the world unconsciously through pattern matching and the ability to step back into our 'observing self' and become more objective. These 'givens' are just some of the tools anyone can use to make great changes in their lives for the better.

I approach my work not only from looking at the difficulties being brought to counselling but from a broader perspective of making sure all the client's needs are being met, which is crucial for emotional health and well being – a holistic approach. I know from experience that many problems interconnect and can't be separated from other root causes. Many problems can be exacerbated by a lack of basic emotional needs. These needs include;

  • Security – a sense of having a safe territory around us so we can lead our lives without undue fear.
  • Volition – a sense of autonomy and control over our lives.
  • Attention – receiving it from others but also giving it.
  • Emotional connection to others – friendship and intimacy.
  • Connection to the wider community – being part of something larger than ourselves.
  • A sense of status – knowing that we have a valued place in each of the social groups we belong to.
  • A sense of competence and achievement – which ensures we don't suffer from 'low self esteem'.
  • A sense of meaning and purpose – which comes from being mentally stretched.

When these needs are met in the right balance recovery can begin.

I have worked as a counsellor at Halifax Women's Centre for seven years and also have a private practice in Hebden Bridge. The Human Givens approach takes the best of CBT, Positive Psychology, and Solution Focused Therapy, and I can offer short or long term support.